Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Times

This past Thursday evening was the Heidelberg International School Summer Performance Night. Sounds like a mouthful, but essential it was an end-of-school-year evening to see what the students have been doing the past few months.

I have come to appreciate some of the performances as the distance from Thursday night increases. A young grade presented a piece by simulating a pond. It may sound a bit abstract, but with a narrator, a ball of yarn, and passing it back and forth - the idea of habitat and the web of connectivity can be made. All I know is - there were plenty of video cameras capturing the moment.

One of our favorites was the classroom of "clowns." They were brave and funny. An alltime classic:

Clown 1: Do you have holes in your underwear?
Clown 2: No! How rude of you to ask.
Clown 1: Well then, how do you put them on?


Flower was in the improv group of grade 7. Who knew she had that in her? The class did well and we were very impressed with the effort.
Flower is center stage (long brown sleeves)
Joe perfomed in the grade 9 garage band - he was on bass guitar. His teacher said he took to it "like a duck to water." *sigh*

Anyway, typically after this type of event, we'd take ourselves to the Dairy Queen. Of course that isn't possible here, so we walked up to a nearby eis haus and then continued meandering about town for a few minutes. I took the following pictures to show you the beauty of where we live and perhaps entice a couple of you to come visit us.

Marie, John, Joe, Flower

John, Marie, Flower, Joe

In this photograph, taken on the alte brucke (old bridge), you can see our building (over John's right shoulder - white building, red roof, attic windows) and you can also see the castle in the upper right hand corner. You can't see the Neckar River - the trees just on the left side of the frame are on the river bank.

Taking time for ice cream and snapshots with my family is where it's at.


  1. Hooray for the International School. Looks like so much fun.

  2. I want to be there! ...Hope fully next spring or summer after the baby comes. It is so beautiful there. Sounds like Joe and Flower are having fun in school... I still can't believe how grown up they are!