Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back Home in Heidelberg

I've been back home in Heidelberg just over a week now and I can finally say that I feel as though my body has synchronized itself with the locale. Those first few days are always a bit iffy for me - especially on the USA to Germany route.

I was never so glad to see my people at the Frankfurt Flughafen (airport)! I has missed them terribly and couldn't recall a time where I had left John and the children at home while I was away for this length of time. As a card carrying feminist I can still say - it's just different when my husband leaves for business opposed to when I leave for a conference, daughter delivery to college, etc.
So, 12 hours after landing we all attended Joe's Court of Honor with his scout troop - tons of badges as this was the post-scout camp awards.
Joe is standing furthest on the right.
And 24 hours after landing I was schmoozing it up with other parents at the a H.I.S. volunteer meeting - right after drop off for the first day of school. I was asked to be the Grade 8 CVC (class volunteer coordinator - think: home room mom).

First Day of School - August 2009
Flower - Grade 8
Joe - Grade 10
As a cherry on the top of my schedule, I started graduate school this past weekend through an outreach program administered by University of Maryland University College and certified through Bowie State University. Classes are conducted all day Saturday and Sunday every other weekend, in English, and on a post in Heidelberg (though this class is meeting just two weekends and completing the remaining work on line). I'm grateful the Counseling Psychology program was already in place and I'm crazy grateful for my amazing husband (talk about hunkalicious).

Since it is the Fall, we're starting to plan some weekend getaways as a well as the October break the kids have from school. There is much debate, research, and the development of an argument to convince each other to see one venue over another. I love teenagers and their enthusiasm. In the meantime, we are still very much in love with our post-dinner bike rides about town.

Joe, Flower, & John - Marktplatz, Heidelberg

As far as I'm concerned, being in the lives of my people is completely where it's at.

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  1. I am glad you made it home safe! Good luck with school! Your life seems very deserving of a lot of exclamation points!! :)