Monday, September 28, 2009

Early Fall in Germany

We have really enjoyed the slight turn in weather here in Heidelberg. It's chilly in the mornings and quite lovely in the afternoon. I'm convinced we are especially breezy since we live (literally) along the Neckar River - but I'm not complaining one bit.

This past week I headed to Paris for the day to meet up with some online friends from one of my favorite blogs.. It was terrific to be in the company of wonderful women - each of us making our way in the world, but doing it with a sense of spirituality and purpose. I look forward to meeting with them again and getting to know them better. We gathered from Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

This week Jack turns 21! It doesn't seem possible, but that is surely the case. Stationed in Hawaii together, my dear friend Malinda had her first son just 3 days after Jack was born - the boys spent their first couple years together almost non-stop. Looking back, I can say without a doubt it was a blessing to have a great friend during such a trying time as brand-new motherhood.

John and I can't believe we've gotten this old... I've been a mother nearly half my life. But ya know, that's ok. I always wanted to be a mom and that hasn't changed. It's a privelage to carry'm, squeeze'm out, then watch'm grow... ok, maybe the squeezing out isn't so great, but you get the picture. I'd do it all over again.

Surrounding myself with great women, wonderful friends, and a terrific husband is where it's at.


  1. Happy Birthday Jack!! Love that you love squeezing them out!! :) ... I'll have to let you know what I think about that :)