Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to Market

Yes, I already know... I haven't blogged in recent weeks as much as I have until now. There's many things to have contributed to this ... sigh ... but mostly it's because I have been feeling a wee bit blue. Taking Marie off to college was absolutely necessary, but nonetheless sad for me. I am so pumped for all the great things she's doing (:bragging moment: her grades are thru the roof!).

At the same time, I started graduate school - WHAT?! - and have had to step up my game, academically speaking. So far so good, but I gotta tell ya the learning has been awesome and I feel very fortunate to be attending school at all.

In the meantime, our life here has rolled on as usual. We are regular patrons on Saturday mornings at the Marktplatz and make it a point to get out of the house and walking through our neighborhood. We enjoyed Reunification Day on 03 October - just by being in our community - everything throughout Germany was shut down except for restaurants and hotels. Anyway, this is a picture of today's booty. The celery is outta control!

I won a door prize and we are now the proud owners of this lovely hand crocheted market bag - don't hate. This snapshot was taken about 10ft outside the CityMarkt we go to when we need things from the grocery story. The fancy building in the background is the rathaus (City Hall). On Saturday mornings all the open-air restaurant tables are replaced with the fresh market - vendors sell vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, flowers, olives, bread, and wine.

Joe and Flower have a school break this month and we're planning a 3 or 4 day getaway - right now we're still taking votes, but we'll probably stay close to home... maybe Bern and Zurich?

Jack is due home 11 November. We're very excited about the prospect of him at home after two years of laboring in such a cold part of our Heavenly Father's vineyard. Of course, he'll be off to college in January, but it'll be good to have him home anyway. This snapshot was taken at the Siberia Zone Conference in June 2009. Jack is standing 2nd row, farthest right.

It's absolutely terrific to know that those feelings of being down will pass, a good life continues, and there is always always something new just about to take off. Living in the moment is where it's at.


  1. I was so happy to see your blog this morning. I was needed a good does of Julia in my life today. I'm sorry to hear about the blue feelings, but happy to hear about Jack's return and the other wonderful things going on with your family.

  2. Oh, man. Wish we could go shopping or cook together or something to cheer you up. If ever there's a change, I like to be the one to leave. I don't like being left behind. I'm glad Joe and Flower are there still. Tell Joe to get on a roll cracking some jokes and that's got to turn things around. What about the time he was in the bathroom and John said over the walkie-talkie, "Stay there!" Or, when I thought you told a great Catholic joke? Or when Flower made me those cow pajamas? Miss you so much. Hang in there.

  3. Nice job on the bag! Walks in the market place seem dreamy!

  4. Big loves being sent from my neck of the woods! Last night I watched your guy's video I recorded in preparation for a presentation on my book. Oh man, how I miss those faces!! I need to send y'all some of the pictures ASAP. You'll love them!

    PS - That's so great Jack is getting home SO soon. LESS THAN A MONTH!