Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Heidelberg Style

It's that time of year again. Each Fall I begin to hope that perhaps this year Halloween will pass us by without the last minute panic for a 'legit' costume or some near-crisis in generating 'a look.' This of course was not the year for such achievement and the troops did not fail to disappoint with their same-day need for a Halloween costume.

This year the ward had their trunk-or-treat event early which means we were technically saved from the Panic on the 31st. I know as a real little sprout (kindergarten, 1st grade) I had hand-sewn costumes, but once the 70s really got rolling, I was on my own for making a costume. Since then, I developed a love for the unusual costume that made me laugh - I'm not so much about the ghosts, witches, or princesses.

When we moved to Silver Spring, Maryland in July 2004, we landed in an amazing church ward. There were so many activities to attend and fun people to socialize among. Since we were still unpacking from our move, our Halloween costumes were a no-brainer and we went as Family Home Evening. It's still one of my favorite costume nights! And John was such a good sport about the whole thing too.

This year, I offered Joe and Flower a couple ideas and they did the rest. Just a few euros on a couple accessories and the hard work was done. I love that Joe went as Eminem (our favorite rap star) and Flower found her own niche as Ms. M - complete with white go-go boots. They looked fantastic among the ninjas and hippies in the young women/young men at the ward Fall Festival.

Fun Halloween times with my people is where it's at.


  1. I have THE most vivid memory of turning around in the gym of the Kensington ward and seeing the Murphy family, in their costumes that night. To say it was hilarious is a total understatement. Here's this new family, making their entrance into the ward. We loved you so much.

  2. It was a great night Amber and we miss that ward so much. I wish we lived closer and I could be around our two wee ones - they are amazing.

  3. OH. MY. You guys pulled off THE BEST family costume of ALL TIME. Ah! LOVE! Are you kidding?! I can't get enough of these Murphys! And those candy coated kiddies of yours look awesome this year. Oh man, I need to talk to you about next Halloween to get me some clever ideas. I'm the worst! **puts on boring witch hat and lowers head in shame** :-)

  4. You guys are so creative. I love that the kids are older and still love to dress up! I love reading about your life! Much love, L

  5. They look great!! Nice job on pulling cute costumes together! You all are so creative! So... do they celebrate Halloween in Germany just like we do?

  6. Love the costumes. (From "then" and now:) Always an adventure going on with your family:)