Friday, November 13, 2009

From Russia with Love

John, Elder Murphy, & Me - Missionary Training Center
24 October 2007

I have never been able to visualize Jack's return from his two-year LDS mission to Russia Ekaterinburg. The beginning was so incredibly difficult, I simply couldn't see the end. Years and years I'd heard mothers of missionaries wax eloquent about the blessings of sending a son to the mission field. Then I was blindsided. For me, it was one of the damned hardest things I've ever done, albeit a most worthwhile undertaking.

Flower, Joe, John, Jack, Me, & Marie - 3 days before leaving for Utah

The day has come and he is home and I have been reminded of just how much he has been missed. Seeing him walk through immigration at the Frankfurt airport tore open a scabbed place in my heart that had covered the loss and pain of seperation. Those long buried feelings of despair came rushing back, but I was immediately consoled by having him in my arms.

Joe, Elder Murphy, & Flower - Frankfurt Airport, 12 Nov 2009

It has been different sending Marie off to college compared to sending Jack on a mission. I know Marie can come home at holidays and breaks, we can talk everyday, and I can go visit her Of course, none of that is possible when sending a missionary out to serve the Lord full time. The sudden-ness of being cut-off from my son was so abrupt, that ... sigh.

Elder Murphy & Flower

Joe, John, & Jack - the men I love

Why do they go? Why do we support them? Is it worth the sacrifice? Who benefits?
I believe they go because it is their duty and they have been called by God. We support them because we love them and wish them to put their all into carrying the message. I must believe it is worth the effort in order to continue putting one foot in front of the next. Our family has been richly blessed by other sons who answered a call to serve.

Me, Elder Murphy, John - before Jack was released from fulltime work
12 November 2009

We have Jack back in our home for the next few weeks. School starts the first week of January and he'll be there to begin another season of his life and we'll continue to adjust and adapt to the changing needs of our family.
Marie will be home for a few weeks in December and for a brief period we will have all four of our children with us. Time to party like rock stars!

Family ... is where it's at.


  1. Wow! Jack looks so good. This is great. My mom said she never got over a missionary being gone either. She said every day was hard. You are so great, Julia! How fun to have him there for a while.

  2. I have been gone the last two days and I'm so glad to see this post and know that he made it home and everything is great!! Jack looks so great and so happy... you two by the way. What a great thing to have him home!! HE made it... YOU made it! Congrats on you return Jack!!

  3. Congrats to you! You all look so wonderful. I hear about how you are doing from time to time from Charlotte :)

  4. That was all said so well. I really felt your ache, testimony, love. Miss you! L