Sunday, November 22, 2009

Re-entry... A Family Deal

We have been so grateful to have Jack returned home after honorably and faithfully serving two years in Russia. I can't begin to imagine how he feels during a time of leaving his best two years and reintegrating back to a lifestyle more familiar to most of us. Courage folks.

First things first, Jack returned with one suitcase which included: a bad Russian suit (did you know some suits are washer/dryer safe?), one pair of jeans, two torn polo shirts, three raggedy t-shirts, and a mix of sock monsters. Off to the PX for some basics ... all the signs in the store are in English.

Joe and Flower showing Jack the lastest in Wii video games.

Agnes the kitten offering her warmest welcome.

The schedule doesn't change .. Tuesday was Young Women in Excellence Night. We're so proud of Flower.

Schnitzel Wednesday! A family favorite. At Funari Barracks there's a small German Kanteen that offers the best schnitzel - only on Wednesdays. If you go with us, I'm gonna take your picture - it's tradition. Jack's response, "Really? A picture?"

Running shoes... so many choices.

Joe and Jack headed out for a run - I love these guys like crazy.

Agnes' continued warm welcome.

On our way to the CityMarkt and other errands. This is the gasse (alley) alongside the rathaus (city hall) before entering the Marktplatz.

We loved the wreath hanging from the stature in the middle of the Marktplatz - it's the largest and busiest market in Alstadt (old town). We love the church - it's such a prominent feature on the rooflines of town. John and Jack posing in front of the fountain.

Same fountain and wreath - different angle. It was the middle of Friday morning - it's practically empty.

Headed down the Hauptstrasse... what a huge Christmas tree - can't wait to see it all decorated.

Friday Night Bowling Fun Times! So much fun to be out with the men I love. Flower was at a friend's house and Marie will return from Salt Lake in just a few weeks. Is this Joe's version of bowling?

Joe and Jack headed up to the Schloss (castle) on Saturday. So many opportunities for great pictures. I like this one of Joe.

A terrific photo of the neighborhood where we live, the markets, the river, and our building.

Inside the castle ruins.

Jack on one of the gardens inside the castle ruins. Big space, eh?

I love this snapshot of these two.

The life of my people recorded in pictures is where it's at.


  1. That is so fun to see Jack home and in action! Looks like you are having a great time with him. I know it is killing Marie that she can't be there. I loved hearing about what he came home with in his suitcase!

  2. Celeste - you know so well how much he took with him to the MTC.. so little of that returned. It's just the nature of how it works, shrug. We are glad to have him home and are looking forward to having Marie back with us.

  3. What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you guys are having a such a great reunion. Thanks for posting pictures--I love seeing the postcard perfect place you live--and of course your awesome people who all look great. Miss you...

  4. Love it! I love seeing you all in your every day life! Ah, Christmas in Germany...can't wait to see pictures. Want so badly to see it in PERSON.

  5. What fun! It's fun to see you all looking so happy. It's good to see Jack making a successful re-entry.

  6. Julia! Flower is so much taller than you. I can't believe it. Love that picture of you.