Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's that time of year again.... time to get your party on and attend Fasching! It's a celebration tied to Lent somehow - but is designed to scare away the demons of winter. Sounds like Mardi Gras with a sprinkling of Groundhog's Day.

The parade runs through town and down the Haupstrasse (a 1.1 km walking route lined with shops, restaurants, banks, plazas, etc. Joe and I decided to walk to the center of town to enjoy the full compliment of the festivities. There were a ton of costumes, crazy hats, and face painting ... and that was just the spectators.

"Joe, please stand over by the carousel for the little guys - I want to take your picture."

Joe buying a Nutella crepe.

The two of us making our way to the Bismarkplatz.

We staked out a great spot, but just before the parade we switched to the other side of the street for a better exit strategy.

I love this guy.

Certainly, there was a heavy police presence....

.... with face paint!

Part of 'scaring off the demons of winter' inspired plenty of costumes. This 'old witch' was the pre-game show while we waited for the parade to start. She rallied and teased the crowd and was rewarded with plenty of applause and laughter. The wee ones standing near us kept hollering something. I asked Joe, "what are they saying?" He had to listen carefully (kids talk funny in all languages, eh?) and heard, "Hexa." The little kids kept calling the for the witch so they would be teased, etc. It was so cute ... I can neither confirm nor deny that I joined the kindergartners and shouted for the hexa.

This guy is wearing a friar's robe, a blue Santa Claus hat with holes, and drinking a beer... and he's partying with his momz? We couldn't quite figure it out - later we saw he'd pulled down the hat over his face ski-mask-style. I suppose some things are better left a mystery.

A really good marching band. Every member of every band we saw was wearing face paint. Nothing quite like a rousing band at a parade.

Joe's friend from school stopped by the apartment after we got home to show us her costume - looks fantastic!
A good walk, lots of people, costumes and face paint, an outrageous confetti cannon, and being there with Joe... totally where it's at.


  1. What a fun celebration... entertaining at least! Love the cop with heart face paint!!

  2. I bet you snagged that picture of Joe as he was getting off the ride:) My grandma would send us Nutella from Holland, I remember it being very tasty!