Thursday, March 4, 2010

Berlin Road Trip!

Road Trip! Say no more....

Well ... I'd like to say a lil sumpin - we had so much fun on our road trip from Heidelberg to Berlin (633km, about a 6hr drive). John and I decided it would be fun to drive instead of taking the train - and in this case it was also less expensive.

The primary purpose of our two day getaway ... the Owl City concert. The artist is a guy who made music in his folks' basement, uploaded it to myspace, and became an undergroud guru break-out singer.

Essentially, he's a geek who makes good music and the teenagers who still live with us asked, "Hey, can we go?" In a moment of weekness, very early on a Saturday morning - we said "Yes"?? The warm-up act was Lights - her live performance is crazy better than her recordings... perhaps it was the wicked base!

And I'm so glad we did - it was good times together: in the car, time in Berlin, a hole-in-the-wall hotel that's a real gem, and a couple great performances in a venue that hold 250 people standing shoulder to shoulder.

Truck stop on the way to Berlin

John and Flower at our lunch stop - too cute!

Joe outside the Magnet Disco - "sold out" meant the scalpers were on the sidewalk trying to get their mitts on our hot, hot tickets.

Flower and Joe gettin' their party on.

Us setting up a beach head away from Joe and Flower.

Our view of the stage - Lights performing

Flower and Joe entrenched themselves NEXT TO the stage - in front of a subwoofer and below a hanging speaker. We expect them to have hearing loss.

Joe and I took a walkabout the neighborhood before the concert. Here he is just after buying some fruit to go with dinner.

Who needs a rolling hot dog cart when the vendor becomes the cart??

Loved the architecture.

This was the view of the hotel parking lot from our room. This is the entire parking lot.

Euro potty. Yep - that's the shower behind the toilet and yep - that's a full size, climb-out window in the shower. Plenty of towels. But - this hotel room was really an apartment with lots of room and a full-size kitchen.

The MOST EXOTIC breakfast we've had at a hotel - and this was included in the price of the room. There were so many delicacies: pancetta wrapped around a cream cheese spread, stuffed mushrooms, olives stuffed with a luscious spread, shrimp salad, latkes, meatballs, tomato slices with mozzerella and basil, scrambled eggs with ham chunks, ... and the rest of a typical european breakfast spread. And, it just looks pretty.

Love these guys!

So glad we could party with these two.

I was most surprised with all the art around Berlin. We drove through many different areas of Berlin and we saw art in every kind of neighborhood. It was outstanding and so uplifting.

Concerts, Berlin, and road trips with my people is totally where it's at.


  1. Once again I have Euro-envy. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

  2. How fun... and I love Flowers new hair do... and I love the family picture on your side bar!

  3. That breakfast looked great! You guys are living a dream. Mucho love, L

  4. Hi!! You guys look great!!!! So happy you h=are enjoying the good life. Love your barcelona quilt :)
    Elizabeth Raubach