Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun With My Daughters

While the fellas were on their car trip through Bavaria, the girls and I tended to our Saturday morning rituals ... going to the fresh market and some down time. This past Saturday was a bit different - a few times during the summer German artisans make their designs available for sale at the Kornplatz and Karlplatz (beautiful plazas surrounding the primary Marktplatz). We are not talking about handicrafts. These folks are pretty amazing artists.

Too many to choose from, we each decided on one thing to bring home.

The handmade natural soaps were very interesting to me. I couldn't decide on any one scent, so opted for smaller samples of five different scents. Of course, I can't read any of the accompanying literature about these soaps ... it's all in German.

Marie found a very interesting artist whose medium is paper. She scored a pretty sweet portfolio. I'm sure that's on her school supply list for fall.
I couldn't decide on the recycled metal sculptist or the woman with ceramics. As the rusted iron is more of a statement piece, I wanted to have my life partner with me (he was out of town), so I went by way of art where form meets function. Flower helped me find this pitcher-no-wait-vase ... love it!

Spending wonderful days with the women of my life is where it's completely at.