Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mondays in Paris

This past Monday the kids and I took my dad to Paris, France for the day. It's so danged easy and fast to get there from Heidelberg. We take the regional S-Bahn to Mannheim and then the ICE straight into Paris - Gare de L'est station.

We had a terrific trip into town and before we arrived Marie had put together an awesome game plan. Top priorities were taken care of first .... shopping! After much success, we took the metro to Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

Due to some infrastructure upgrades, we took a bus to the nearest working RER stop - which took us to La Tour Eiffel. Talk about spectacular! We strolled down the wide promenade along the River Seine as our approach to such an iconic global attraction. The tower is quite magnificent and well worth the effort. Quite frankly, I couldn't believe we had my dad there with us - it was such a treat to see him there with some of his grandchildren.

From there, we took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe. It is such a site with so much traffic circling the round-about and the 12 different avenues that feed into it. Super cool.

By that time we were ready for some yummy eats. The best pizza we've had since arriving in Germany has been the pizza served at Antonio's in Paris just 20 meters from the Wagram metro stop. We'd been salivating all day just thinking about it. Unfortunately, it was closed at 3pm on Monday. Nuts! We "made do" with a super yummy bacon cheeseburger and fries at a bistro just down the block. One of my dad's favorite moments, "Now I've eaten french fries in France."

Outside the Wagram Metro stop in front of an art deco entrance. There are only 83 of 300 entrances that has it's original artwork (the original art is now considered national treasures).

It was then time to head back to the train station to return home to Heidelberg. It was a quick day, but well worth the trip. I'm so glad the kids could get there again before school started and my dad could join us.

Paris with family is definately where it's at.

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  1. Wow... I would love to go to Paris! What a great trip and how great that it is so easy to get to! Beautiful!