Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is It Possible??

Many of you know that my husband LOVES his bicycles ... he finds great peace in riding and hasn't shied away from the long rides either. Riding has had a wonderful effect on improving John's overall health. To top things off - he entered and completed a tri-athlon sprint. I wholeheartedly support his efforts and I'm proud of him (yes, I understand pride is a sin - but hey! I am a sinner).

The history of John's bikes ....




Defies description - for real.

John took on the 2008 R.A.I.N, Ride Across Indiana - 165 miles one way in one day. The kids and I had an absolutely fun fun day providing support at the checkpoints all across the state. As a reward, the girls and I treated ourselves to pedicures the next day.
Before the start.

Lunch break.

Approaching the finish line!

And, he participated in the 2007 and 2008 MS150 (opting for a century ride each day instead of two 75mile stages). All that being said, John loves cycling and much of the geekiness associated with riding (though I did ask that we talk about shaved legs - his, not mine - but we haven't had that discussion just yet).

On our way to a cycling event.

MS150, 2008 - Columbia, MO

Anyway ...
Moving to Germany has afforded us too many wonderful opportunities to count. I truly feel so damn lucky. Anyway, we're at one of those points this week. John and Joe are driving to France tomorrow to watch Stage 13 of the Tour de France! Impossible! Holy cow!

For years we've talked about sending him over to France to watch a couple stages. Then, we talked about us visiting France together. Always the costs seemed prohibitive.... until now. Tomorrow the cost will be a tank of diesel.

To celebrate, one of the kids suggested I "throw together a banner" of John's favorite team: Garmin-Slipstream so they'd have something to waive. Of course, one of'm will waive Old Glory and both will be armed with a cowbell. I keep suggesting some body paint, but so far that idea doesn't seem to have legs.

Go Team Argyle!

Because I didn't have anything else to do *eye roll* I fashioned a lt blue, dk blue, and orange argyle banner to represent the team of choice. I did the best I could with the scraps on hand - not so bad with only 6 hours notice *repeat eye roll*.

I hope they have a great day together. I hope they get to see some riders and some of the behind-the-scenes action. I hope it's as exciting to be there as it is to watch on television.

Witnessing a dream come true is absolutely where it's at.


  1. What a dream come true! Marc will want to hear all about it--he's a cycling guy too. We'll be cheering with you in spirit, John and Joe!

  2. Wow, great history of John's biking. Way to go! Love the post.

  3. Hey, thanks too for the postcard. When we got it we nearly packed our bags right that second to move to Europe. You're really giving us no choice but to join you! I would die if we were only a country away from each other. Love you.

  4. I say go for the body paint:) That is awesome about his sprint! Way to go!

  5. Lucky lucky going to the race. That would be so incredible. I think it is so great that John has gotten so into biking. That seems like such a tough yet peacful kind of recreation.