Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mmmm.... kay

Today is my dad's birthday and I sent him to Dachau. What was I thinking??

Actually it started with the trip last weekend in Schwarzwald, John's work schedule, and our sweet new ride. My dad didn't have a long list of things he wanted to see or places he wanted to go while here (he wanted to spend time with his grandchildren), but he did want to see Germany and thought he'd like to visit a WWII concentration camp (from the folks we've talked to - it's one of those things you must do once).

Long story short, John, Joe, and my dad made today a tour of the countryside. They stopped at Neuschwanstein Castle (it's the inspiration for Disney's Cinderella's Castle). Good times for them, though I'm not sure they were expecting such a long hike up a 12% graded hill - but, they did it.

After that it was over to Dachau (just a few minutes from Munchen/Munich). John texted me when they arrived. Soon after, he texted again with - "the 30 minute movie was oppressing, Joe said something like, 'Where are the postcards?'". I can't imagine what the birthday grandpa was doing. After all was said and done, my husband called to say they were thoroughly depressed and headed home. Not sure how to salvage this.

Designing a depressing birthday is not where it's at.

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