Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Stuff

Finding joy in the simple things of life had previously been challenging for me. The past decade or so has given me the opportunity to appreciate the sweet and simple gifts of time spent together - no matter what we're doing.

In choosing which pictures to post, I realized we've been quite busy the past few days. Last Friday, John and I took the girls to dinner then bowling. We had a fantastic time; tons of fun! Joe was at scout camp and of course, Jack is still in Russia.

He's got bowling style.

Flower and Marie

On Saturday, we visited a family who has a small garden/horse barn (John works with the husband). It was the first time I'd met them but had heard many wonderful things. We had such a grand time with this lovely family ... had we arrived a little earlier, the girls would've been able to shovel some of the horse poo. Oh well, next time!

I love these people: Marie, John, Flower

John, a horse, Marie

Flower and me - practically twins going to church.

Marie had a neat opportunity to attend the Young Single Adult Conference in Berlin. The English speaking ward and the German speaking ward often combines activities, etc. Here is a picture of the group before boarding the bus... they stopped in Darmstadt and Frankfurt before driving into Berlin.

These are the bikes that are too nice to leave in the bike parking room on the first floor of the building. Of course, it appears as though I'll have to cordon off part of the living room at this point. I don't mind - Joe and Flower now join their dad on some of his rides so everything is getting ridden at some point.

I'm still working on Morning in Barcelona, but I am getting close to the finish line. I've really taken to heart one of my favorites... "anything worth doing is worth overdoing." At the same time, I love that my husband regularly brings me fresh flowers from the market on Saturdays... perhaps the color and fragrance helps move the work along.

In the post box today was an order I had placed for a sweatshirt with the logo of one of my favorite websites: Within minutes of opening the package, Joe was rockin' the hoodie. I think he looks good in pink.

Being anywhere with my people is where it's at.

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  1. Lovin those gorgeous flowers and Joe looks great in pink :)