Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Morning in Barcelona"

I finally completed Morning in Barcelona. Well, it's mostly done. I haven't decided on what type of border to sew all the way around it yet, but principle piecing is finished.

Of all the spectacular European cities we've visited since moving to Germany, Barcelona is absolutely one of our favorites. The city is full of energy, beautiful artwork, and a wonderful mix of cultures including Catalonia and Spain. The Mediterranean is gorgeous and has a special influence on this part of Spain. As a family, we managed to relax and see many points of interest.

I've never visited a place that inspired me to create something that could reflect my impression of our family's time there. However, almost immediately I knew I had to 'quilt' Barcelona. The colors and shapes of the rooftops and neighborhoods can easily and naturally be transposed to a textile medium.

What colors this fine flamingo sports.

Fresh Market - looks like a quilt already

The Mediterranean Sea's gorgous green and blue colors.

This is a postcard of Barcelona - you can see the inspiration for neighborhood shape and scale.

Inasmuch as I've never attempted something like this... I took an artistic license with scale, layout, and composition. This isn't a map of Barcelona, but more of an experiential representation of being in the moment.

By way of artistic inclusion ... there is a fruit market, train station, zoo, mosiac sculptures, aquarium, beach and Mediterranean, metro stops, trees, round-about with fountain, the Picasso Museum (featuring the work of his 'Blue Period'), neighborhoods, Olympic Park, and the Sagrada Familia.

I've place a pair of my shoes (size 6.5) near the upper right hand corner. Still deciding what type of border to add. Then of course, the quilting and binding. It embarks on its North American tour next week ... stops in Salt Lake City and St. Louis.

Enjoying the support of my husband and children while creating this work is where it's at.


  1. That is amazing, I love the art/creativity of it. Truely beautiful.

  2. Wonderful! Really wonderful. I'm so impressed with your artistry. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And it's even more impressive in person!! You are so talented... which by the way... I LOVE my quilt! You are so sweet to do that for me... and Ty... who has taken claim to it too!