Thursday, August 27, 2009


After a week filled with so many decisions for Marie regarding school and the stress involved with getting everything in order, we were grateful to have a few hours of playtime. And holy cow did we have some fun!!
We visited Snowbird in Little Canyon Creek, Utah. Some of you might be familiar with its Alta Ski Resort, but the summer activities couldn't be beat. We were so lucky to have such a terrific group of friends enjoying fun things to do. Here's a shout out to Koby & Emily and Drew & Celeste for recognizing we all needed a break.

This shot of the Alpine Slide (looks like a mini-luge) was taken from the ski lift on the way up to the slide and Zip Line (during the winter season this area is the bunny slope).

I'm on the left and Marie is on the right as we initiated our run on the Zip Line. Good times!

We took the tram to the top - all the way up to 11,000 feet (during the winter season this area is for the adrenaline imbalanced with a total death wish).

At the end of our visit to Snowbird and ready to head home.

Enjoying some down time with friends is absolutely where it's at.


  1. We had such a great time up there with you guys and it was a well deserved break. We'll have to take you up there in the winter!