Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Vacation, 2009 - Day Five

Happy Boxing Day from London. From the looks of it, Boxing Day is the social equivalent of Black Friday in the States.

We had a very, very busy day after Christmas. We started with a bus ride to the London Eye. We had attempted to ride this gigantic ferris wheel on Christmas Eve, but the timing wasn't right. However, the Eye was having technical problems the morning we were to ride (argh!) - the employees didn't know when it would be operational, so we decided to pass on it, get our money back, and try again the next time we're in London (it's a good thing - they were not able to honor tickets all day).

The photo ops for Big Ben and the House of Parliment was next - it was just fabulous to stand and look. How many movies or television shows have we seen this backdrop? shoot, CNN uses the same space we were standing on for 'live shots from London'. It was fantastic. I was so glad to to be there.

After that, we had to get to a rally point for the motor coach and guided tour of Stonehenge. Can you believe it?! How exciting is that? Well, maybe some won't find it interesting, but Marie and I sure did. After we found where we needed to be, we were early - so we had some lunch and bought a few postcards.

The ride to Stonehenge was uneventful (I think I took a nap after we hit the countryside). For real, these rocks are in the middle of nowhere. We had the advantage of the audio guide - very cool information there. We walked all the way around and learned much about the surrounding area and some prevailing myths. Since we were there at sunset, some of the snapshots are pretty fabulous. I don't know why I've always been fascinated with Stonehenge, but I have and it was a real treat to be there with my people.

Arriving back in the city we hit the largest mall in all of England - fortunately we weren't there very long. whew! But, it was just across the street from the movie cinema where we took in the late showing of "Sherlock Holmes." It was interesting that in the movie it depicted the Tower Bridge as being under construction ... and we had been there just the day before.

After we got back to our hotel we wanted to collapse from all the fun. Of course we needed to pack our backpacks again - time in London had run out.

Waiting for a bus.

Jack, Marie, Flower, Joe

John set up this shot - he's so fun!

All of us together in London.

Unposed shot.

The London Eye

I love this picture - we're all doing something.

Walking over to the Waterloo Station.

I liked how all the buses looked all lined up.

Waiting for the underground train.

Flower & Joe - on bus to Stonehenge.

Marie & Jack - on bus to Stonehenge.

Us too!

Marie, Flower, Jack, Joe - just before we left.

On the bus back to town.
The countryside and Stonehenge with my people is where it's at.

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  1. so fun! I would love to make it to all those places. And... I'm loving all the cute hats you girls are wearing!