Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Vacation 2009 - Day Seven

The final day of our Christmas Vacation was a travel day - headed for home in Heidelberg Germany. We didn't have to start at a crazy-early hour ... which was very nice.

At the centrail train station we mailed a few post cards, enjoyed a hot chocolate, and made our way to the right platform. We took the ICE from Brussels to Frankfurt.

Usually when we travel by train, we prefer to sit in an enclosed little compartment that seats 6 people and has a lovely table. In the past we've watched movies, shared songs, napped, and told stories all in the privacy of our own enclosure with a sliding glass door. This time however, we enjoyed the Panorama Suite. It's a collection of 8 seats just behind the train engineer's "flight deck." While the train is at the station, the floor to ceiling glass is opaque, but as soon as he/she pulls away, the wall of glass clears up and passengers can see out the front of the train and watch the engineer at the controls. Talk about super cool! They were great seats.

After arriving in Frankfurt, we had just enough time to grab a plate of our favorite chinese noodles (and a couple take-home containers) before hopping on the train to Heidelberg. We arrived at the hauptbahnhof (central train station) then took a local train to the stop just 3 blocks from our house.

It was great to walk in the door at home after being away for a week. The trip was wonderful and so memorable. Most of us learned from previous trip to pack lighter and the traveling was much easier. I was glad we made the effort and took the time to be together.

Central train station in Brussels.
Jack, Marie, Flower, John, & Joe

Peeking out from behind a piece of art in the Brussels station.

On the platform before boarding the train for home.

Working a crossword puzzle ... in ink.

"Look here!"

Jack doesn't look interested in the puzzle and John appears to be feeding Flower the answers.

The train engineer's control center. So cool.

A reflection of John.

Jack and Flower on the trip to Frankfurt. The seats are on raised platforms - stadium style for a better view.

Just arrived in Frankfurt!
Joe, Marie, Jack, Flower, & John

Waiting for the local train in Heidelberg to take us from the hbf to home.
Joe, Flower, John, Jack & Marie

The holidays with my people, seeing new and fantastic sights, and arriving home safely is where it's at.


  1. Cool seats. That would be so fun to watch him at work.

  2. Amazing, I feel like I say that everytime I read your blog. How great to be ALL TOGETHER.

  3. gosh, it looks like you had a blast. thanks for writing about it!

    you should know that this past week i woke up wishing i was in Heidelberg... i need to come back!