Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Vacation, 2009 - Day Three

Good Morning, London!

Since we weren't on an a moment by monent timeline (we had a schedule, but we allowed for relaxation, etc.), we slept in a wee bit. Took a bus to Waterloo Station and walked across the Thames River. We could see so many wonderful sights up and down the river from the pedestrian bridge that was constructed adjacent to a train tressel.

Our short walk took us to Trafalgar Square with it's statues and fountains. Several art museums, churchs, and embassies ring the square and made for some pretty great pictures.

We decided as a group to hike down to Buckingham Palace from there (1.2 miles). It was terrific to walk and talk and catch-up with each other. St. James Park was simply lovely. The Queen was in residence as evidenced by the Standard flying.

After a hot lunch, we were just a couple blocks away from the Victoria Apollo Theatre. After checking their coats and bags, Jack, Marie, Joe, and Flower enjoyed the London ensemble of "Wicked." We were so happy they could attend!

John and I walked for a bit, then took a taxi to Harrod's Department Store. It was far more than I could ever have expected. There nearly wasn't anything we couldn't buy there - designer fashions, furniture, jewelry, cooked ham, Krispy Kreme, etc. I didn't make any purchases; justing walking through was enough.

After that, we took a train to the London Eye where we met with the kids. It was spectacular all lit up. We believed we had scheduled a flight on the Eye, but their call center wasn't up to speed on the abbreviated Christmas Eve hours of operation - they suggested we return on 26 December, first thing in the morning.

A take-away chicken dinner and some television capped the busy day. It seemed like a long day because of all the walking, at the same time, we had seen and done so much.

Headed to the pedestrian bridge to cross the Thames River.

How many Murphy's can fit in a telephone booth?

These two are so handsome.

Not a thing wrong in being a tourist.

On approach to Buckingham Palace.

Outside Buckingham Palace - cuttin' up and havin' fun.

What's for lunch? Fish and chips, of course.

Joe, Flower, Marie, Jack

THE department store.

Walking and talking with my people is where it's at.


  1. I must tell you that a common phrase in our house is, "Someday maybe we could be like the Murphys." Your family has such great adventures! You guys really live "carpe diem!"

  2. Sarah - you don't know it but you're already there.