Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Vacation, 2009 - Day Four

Christmas Day

It wasn't a conventional Christmas Day by most thinking, but it was a terrific day all together. We all slept in late, watched television, read books, ate a hot breakfast, listened to music, and visited with each other. After that, it was nap time.

We took off on foot in the afternoon and found an open chicken diner (100% deep fat fried), but yummy nonetheless. Anyway, we saw some interesting architecture and took a few pictures at London Bridge.

I think our biggest adventure of the day was strolling along the Thames River toward the Tower Bridge. It is spectacular! Lit up at night - even more so. We were able to take our time and listen to each other while enjoying the Christmas lights.

On the way back to our hotel we went past the Globe Theatre. And, since we weren't cold enough, we treated ourselves to some ice cream back at the hotel.

We have had a request to stay at home next year - put up a traditional tree, hang stockings, and serve ham with deviled eggs. There is much to be said about family traditions - but I so enjoy making memories together in our travels knowing full well we can exchange gifts another year and there will be years that travel won't likely be possible.

Interesting architecture.

Merry Christmas Jack and Joe

Merry Christmas Flower and Marie

What I wouldn't give for any green vegetable at this spread.

At the Thames River wall
John, Joe, Flower, Jack, Marie

Tower Bridge

Let the good times roll.

Christmas Stockings 2009

Holidays with my people is where it's at.

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  1. I would give up my stockings and ham for your Christmas travels any day!!