Thursday, April 16, 2009

Culinary Delights

As promised, the dining experiences we enjoyed out and about in Paris cut across an eatery continuum.  

Our initial leap into French dining was at a seafood restaurant recommended by the hotel desk clerk.  She described it as having a diverse menu, located just down the avenue, and quite reasonably priced for a family of five... one out of three was correct - it only took 13 minutes to walk there.  Since we did not have a reservation, we were seated in Siberia, but were offered an English language menu.  Long story short.... keep choices simple (grilled salmon) and opt for fish soup instead of the sampler plater or raw oysters as an appetizer.


I'm crazy about 'street food' - the fast food of the local gentry.  We enjoyed a lamb kebap with fries stacked on top after consuming cotton candy, Sprite, and ice cream cones (where's the Pepto Bismol?).  We encountered a creperie cooking up sweets filled with Nutella (as popular over here as peanut butter is in the U.S.)

We spent two long lazy dinners sitting on the terrance of local bistros.  What a treat it was to not get hurried along by the staff.  It was such a calm and relaxed experience to truly enjoy the service, food, and each others' company ... any way that can be transplanted back?

Our hotel served a continental breakfast each morning, with a wide variety of granola, yogurt, dried figs and other fruits, croissant, and juices.  It was delightful each and every day.

One of my favorite meals was served at a small bistro across the street from the hotel - the waiter told us (in French) what he was going to bring us for lunch.  Ok, we can do that  *shrug*.  He brought bacon cheeseburgers and the BEST FRIES EVER.  One look at me and you know I've eaten a few fries... these were crack-cocaine good.

On the good/bad scale... the pizza from Antonios was amazing.  We'll go back there again... and again ... and again...

At home or far away, with the people I love ... eating is where it's at.

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  1. Hooray for great European food! We miss you guys but it's fun to peek in on what you're doing.