Friday, April 10, 2009

Leaving Town

Ever notice the amount of effort and energy required to get out of town?  OHHOLYCOW!

We're headed out of town for a long Easter weekend getaway and it's taken money, time, and effort to get five backpacks loaded with just the right stuff and clean up after ourselves so we don't come back to a home that looks as though a cyclone passed through.

At the same time, I wouldn't want to not go.  I've longed told the kids that the reason we take them camping is so they take our grandchildren camping.  This snapshot was taken circa 2003.

Growing up, my family went on one summer vacation (1968), never went camping, and there were zero long weekends out of town.  When John and I got married, he told me of his summers camping at Yellowstone, Disney, and his mother's penchant for packing them up and leaving town for a week or so.  I wanted that for our children - but didn't know how to do that.

We have learned to just get up and go... though sometimes I think I might have missed a step on organizing such efforts and escapade, it's good to get out and experience the new and different as a family.   As it turns out ... we love to camp as a family and long weekends out of town isn't a novelty for my people.  I like that.

Today we're taking the ICE train to Paris and we're all together (except Jack who is serving a mission in Russia).  Together on adventures is where it's at.

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