Thursday, April 9, 2009

Has Spring Arrived?

It might be the case that Spring is upon us in Heidelberg... I'm just not sure.  Since we moved in the dead of winter, I don't have much to go on for what passes for "normal" around here.  

From my windows we have an absolute perfect view for my husband and me.  His ideal of wonderful includes a view with water... for me, I prefer mountains.  Right now, we live in a river valley which offers something for both of us.  


Today I basked in the wonderment of the hillside across the river  - it is absolutely, exploding with yellow from the scattered forsythia and the new lime green of the leafing trees.  I'm certain that back in the midwest, the redbud are blooming ... and I miss that signal of seasonal transition.  But, I will glory in the yellow swatches of the valley.

It's a beautiful feeling where I'm at.

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