Friday, May 22, 2009


What a terrific visit to Barcelona, Spain! - it was far more enjoyable and interesting than I anticipated.  Travel by train is quite convenient (look for a future blog regarding train travel and making connections).  Since we were going to be in town for four days, we decided to rent an apartment ... on the Mediterranean Sea.  Talk about a spectacular view - holy cow it was amazing.

Flower and John

The view from our rental apartment.

For the first time, we opted to purchase a tour bus ticket (double-decker, hop on/hop off all around the city) - Barcelona Bus Tur√≠stic.  We were glad to have done that since there was so much to see and it really gave us a lay of the land.  It helped us decide on the areas we wanted to explore more fully.

Flower, Joe, Marie

L'Aquarium Barcelona was a fabulous afternoon for the family - there was something interesting for everyone.  The highlight of our visit was gliding along the automatic footpath that wound it's way under the huge fish tank ... we could see all manner of sea life all around us.  I just love love love "Jaws" - so the sharks were especially interesting to me.


Joe, Marie, Flower - outside the Aquarium

Marie, Flower, Joe

Joe, Flower, Marie, John - on the moving pathway under the shark/fish tank

We stopped by the Olympic Stadium (Summer Games - 1992).  The hilltop where the games were held offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Marie, John, Joe, Flower - Olympic Stadium

One of my favorite stops was the Museu Picasso.  I hadn't realized how much work he accomplished, but there was plenty of his art in this museum to appreciate.  Having the kids with us to view these masterpieces was well worth making the trip.

During one of our many walkabouts (favorite quote from Joe at the end of a long day "arch supports baby, arch supports"), we came across an open air market offering every type of food possible - meat: fresh, smoked, dried; fruit:  fresh, candied, preserved; etc.  The colors and scents were amazing.  Talk about spectacular!

Since we were taking the overnight train to Milano, Italy (separate post for that later) for the second leg of this trip, we enjoyed another full day of Barcelona prior to leaving.  The Zoo de Barcelona is located on a huge piece of land in the middle of the city - it is a great zoo.  Interestingly, the fees for the zoo were the highest fees for admission we paid at any site we visited in the city, but worth it.  Then again, I love the zoo - and I grew up spoiled on the exquisite St. Louis Zoo (free admission for all.)

Flower, Marie, Joe - Rhino in background (looks like a rock)

John:elephant, Joe:tiger, Marie:monkey, Flower:camel

Joe, Flower, Marie - look's like we all had the same idea.

My take-away impression of Barcelona was a city that is alive and passionate.  From the highest vantage points I looked out over the city and saw color and shape and energy!  The rooftops offered  every shade of terra cotta and it seemed like no two buildings side-by-side were shaped the same.  The colors of the city, the market, the laundry hanging to dry juxtaposed with the green/blue sea simply overwhelmed the senses.  *sigh* ... it was good times and I'm so grateful I got to share it with family.

clockwise:  Marie, Joe, John, Flower - found a lovely park where we could rest our tired feet!

Flower, Joe, John, Marie - outside the Aquarium

Flower, John, Marie, Joe

Barcelona with my people is where it's at.


  1. Cute post, mom! Barcelona was super fun!! Apparently I can't take a single good picture! >.<


  2. You have sold me on Barcelona! Joseph would especially love the aquarium, and I think I could spend all day in the fresh market. What a neat family experience. You're making so many spectacular memories together!

  3. I swear you guys are on vacation 24 7 over there! I am so jealous! How fun to go to Spain! So beautiful. And I love the family pic in the ark ... very cool.

  4. Julia, you look hot in the pic with John! That's it.....we're moving to Europe. You've made our decision. We keep double-taking at pictures of Joe thinking, "Is that Jack? He's not back yet!" The little kiddo pics are darling. Miss you.