Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

What a terrific Mother's Day Weekend I enjoyed this year!  My people went way above and beyond the call of obligation.  Gone were the perfunctory notes of proclaimed love and devotion; instead we enjoyed time together on an adventure (picnic in the Black Forest), dinner out, Sunday worship, a telephone call from our missionary, and gifts.  Many many wonderful gifts (flowers, chocolates, perfume, and outrageous bling!).

I love being a mom and don't recall a time when I didn't want to be a mom.  I have always wanted to have children.  We worked hard to become pregnant with our oldest - temperature tests, etc.  But Heavenly Father saw fit to send us children on His own timing.  Over the years, we lost three little ones while still pregnant - I think of them often and wonder what might have been.

There is something magical about a newborn ... the downy scent, soft skin, their sweet toe-jam, and the look of peace when they sleep.

As they grow up, the times and seasons changed for me - in ways I wasn't always expecting.  While they became more independent and self-reliant (dressing self, bathing, fixing their own cereal), I discovered they needed me more in other ways.  Listening became a full time job and dispensing advice was my new calling.  

No one warned me, but teenagers need a parent at home when they bust through the door after school more than a 3rd grader needs someone waiting for them (that's a pearl I'm offering).  

None of it is possible without my husband John - he's an outstanding father and husband.  Using an old-fashioned phrase ... he's a terrific provider and a steady example of compassion in our home.

Now, our beautiful sons and daughters range in age from 20 years to 13 years old.  Marie is leaving for university in the Fall and Jack will return from Russia in October (then university in January).  So, again I can see what I do will change, but my role never can - I'm their advocate and head cheerleader.

Jack - 1995, Grade 2

Marie - 1995, Kindergarten

Joe - 1998, HeadStart

Flower - 1999, Pre-K

For me, motherhood is where it's at.


  1. Very touching. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pearls with me.

  2. I LOVE these pictures!! Such sweet kids and you couldn't have talked about motherhood more perfectly... all though I still have almost ALL stages to go through with my own... and can't wait!