Saturday, May 2, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

Another awesome day with my people.  The weather in Heidelberg is idealic - bright sunshine, soft breeze, and the occassional poofy cloud.

We decided to take a short bike ride up and over the old bridge to one of the parks along the Neckar River.  Before leaving the house, we each packed a lunch, a book, and a couple blankets to stretch out on.  Since the park wasn't jammed with people yet, we landed a terrific grassy spot near a large tree with shade.

It was terrific to relax and visit and read.  Of course the people-watching was good times too. There were lots of university students (the park is just a few blocks from campus), young couples, and new families with wee buntings hanging inside baby slings.  We didn't see other families that looked like ours - dad, mom, teenagers.  It turns out that most teens hang out with their friends from school and not with their families.  I believe this explains why a few heads turn our direction as we ride along the river ... a few spectators have that they-can't-all-be-together-can-they? expression.

Finally!  John relaxing.

Clockwise:  Marie, Joe, Flower

Our bikes.

Of course, we have the impression that when the weather turns much warmer, park areas along the river (or at least sections of the park) become clothing top optional.  Welcome to Europe!  So far, it's still Spring and there's a lovely breeze.

Hanging out with family is where it's at.


  1. How fun! I'm jealous! I love spring weather! I took a walk outside today for a few minutes for exercise, but other than that I have to be happy with an open window and a fan going while I type up my last paper of the semester (and read a few blogs too).