Saturday, May 9, 2009

Schwarzwald Picnic

Today we went for a drive through the Schwarzwald (Black Forest); talk about spectacular!

The Black Forest (about an hour car drive south of Heidelberg) is 200km x 60km - which means we'll have to go back many times in order to see all of it.  The weather was perfect for a drive through the mountains on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. As far as the eye could see was a sea of green in more shades than humanly possible - trees, shrubs, meadows .... it was simply gorgeous.

John and Julia Murphy

We stopped at several look-out points that provided breathtakingly beautiful vistas.  There was an outcropping of rocks that we had fun climbing up and over and around.  Took some great snapshots as well.

Clockwise:  Marie, Joe, Flower

As planned, we carried a picnic lunch with us.  There was a small area with a few picnic tables near an eagle's promontory.  It was lovely to sit and enjoy each other's company.  While we prepared our sandwiches, another couple out hiking passed by and struck up a conversation in English.  Turns out they are from Hamburg and recommended June as the best month to visit the northern region of Germany.  

L to R:  Marie, Joe, Flower

I didn't realize how far up we had climbed until we started our decent!  There were sections of the road that were posted as a 12% downhill grade.  Along the way, the small hamlets and large meadows of perfect little chalets reminded me of a movie I used to watch when I was just a sprout - Heidi.

It was a great day for an alpine adventure ... as evidenced by the napping children on the way home.

Picnicking in the Black Forest with my family is where it's at.

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